• Quick List

    • • Visit the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park
    • Attempt to donate blood
    • • Hike the Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina portions of the Appalachian Trail
    • Sky dive
    • Pay off accrued debt with parents
    • • Pay off one of my three student loans
    • Learn to Snowboard
    • Hunt a deer
    • Learn to fly fish
    • Make a wood desk or furniture item from scratch
    • Read the Bible all the way through again
    • Play a full round of golf
    • Visit the Biltmore House
    • Return to UT for a football game
    • Grow facial hair for a month just to see what it looks like
    • • Get licensed in Counseling
    • • Get BachelorBytes website started
    • • Get weight below 200 pounds
    • Edit My Grandparents’ Historical Videos into a DVD
    • Visit either Wrigley Field or Fenway Park for a game
    • Ride on a motorcycle
    • Make my "40 Things to do Before Turning 40" List
    • • Attempt a back flip off the ground
    • Learn to sew on a button and fix a seam
    • Run a 10K
    • Complete the outline for my book/screenplay
    • Watch The American Film Institute's entire top 100 List
    • Sponsor a child through Compassion International
    • Work on a Habitat house
    • • Learn to play three full songs on the piano
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Build a Habitat House (part 4)

…continued from part 3, part 2 and part 1. On our last day, Bertha Pinder agreed to sit down and have lunch with us. She had been around most of the time but had mostly kept to herself. She had seen groups  come through before. She knew we would not be around much longer and […]

Build a Habitat House (part 3)

…continued from part 2 and part 1: First let me say, there was a huge gap in time between the posting of part 2 and 3. I apologize to those of you who were hanging on to the edge of your seat for the conclusion. Unfortunately, when I returned stateside, work caught up to me […]

Build a Habitat House (part 2) – The Project

…continued from part 1: Since my group was heading the furthest south out of the four groups, we were relegated to the van. Each day we would travel to and from the site in the van with our supplies and no seats. While we bounced along the uneven pavement on the floor or sitting on […]

Build a Habitat House (part 1)

While my goal on this list was to simply build a Habitat Home, my experience in doing so could not have been imagined at the outset of this adventure. When I originally created my list, my plan was to mosey on down to a job site for a weekend and put in a couple of hours […]

Maggiano’s and Chima Raffle to Support Habitat

UPDATED: Yesterday I informed people that I currently have in my possession a $25 gift certificate to Maggiano’s which was thoughtfully given to me by one of my friends. She gave me the gift certificate in order to hold a raffle to raise money for my mission trip this summer. @CLTdining on Twitter learned of […]

Work on a Habitat house

My dad, as I mentioned in another description is a jack of all trades. He used his powers for good and would often help out by building Habitat for Humanity homes. Even though I do not know half of the stuff he does, I still think that I can donate my time to this worthy […]

The List is Complete…Sort of…And To Be Continued…

I first want to thank everyone who helped complete these goals as well as everyone who has tuned into this site to provide encouragement. Over the 30 months that I worked on this list, my blog got over 13,000 hits!!! And not only that, people all over the world viewed the page and made comments. […]

I am 29! One more year left.

Well, here we are. I now stand faced with the reality that in one year I will be providing the final update for this blog. There are some exciting times ahead! Because of the milestone, I am going through my entire list here with an update on where I am at for each item. If […]

Help for Haiti

For those of you who have been following this blog, you know last summer I spent a week in the Bahamas rebuilding homes with Bahamas Methodist Habitat. I believe strongly in this organization and the director Abraham McIntyre has become a friend of mine. Right now they really need your help as they are working […]

End of Year One Recap

The calender year has coming to a close and I am inching closer to 30. I have decided to provide a brief update to parts of my list as well as some things that are coming up. So here is my progress report: Visit the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park – I have talked […]