• Quick List

    • • Visit the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park
    • Attempt to donate blood
    • • Hike the Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina portions of the Appalachian Trail
    • Sky dive
    • Pay off accrued debt with parents
    • • Pay off one of my three student loans
    • Learn to Snowboard
    • Hunt a deer
    • Learn to fly fish
    • Make a wood desk or furniture item from scratch
    • Read the Bible all the way through again
    • Play a full round of golf
    • Visit the Biltmore House
    • Return to UT for a football game
    • Grow facial hair for a month just to see what it looks like
    • • Get licensed in Counseling
    • • Get BachelorBytes website started
    • • Get weight below 200 pounds
    • Edit My Grandparents’ Historical Videos into a DVD
    • Visit either Wrigley Field or Fenway Park for a game
    • Ride on a motorcycle
    • Make my "40 Things to do Before Turning 40" List
    • • Attempt a back flip off the ground
    • Learn to sew on a button and fix a seam
    • Run a 10K
    • Complete the outline for my book/screenplay
    • Watch The American Film Institute's entire top 100 List
    • Sponsor a child through Compassion International
    • Work on a Habitat house
    • • Learn to play three full songs on the piano
  • January 2018
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Read the Bible all the way through again

For me, having a healthy spiritual life is a very key component. Even though I know I am eternally saved by the sacrifice and grace of Jesus Christ, it is important to grow in that relationship with Him. How does one grow closer to God and walk in His ways? The same way you grow closer to your friends, spouse or children. You spend time with Him and know what He says.

A few years back I got on one of these “read the Bible in a year plans.” It was good in the sense that I was daily spending time with God’s Word. However, often times I found myself rushing through the text or viewing it more as a chore than time well spent with God.

This go around, I would like to read it at my own pace. Take more time to investigate the text and how the entire book is intertwined. I would like to be able to see what other theologians have said about certain passages. I still read and do studies anyways, but I want to go from start to finish again.


2 Responses

  1. […] way back… I wrote a post about reading a commentary of Genesis as I embarked on number 11 from my list. The book I chose was recommended to me by my friend, James-Michael Smith who has more […]

  2. […] I find it useful in my own life to constantly remind myself of God’s blessings and what he has carried me through. When I fail at this, I begin to act cynical and spoiled instead of gracious and humble. I do know that as I get through Deuteronomy, I need to pick up the pace if I cam going to complete goal number 11. […]

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